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Real Estate Law Services

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Secu Legal

Secu Legal is a Romanian law firm specialized in real estate law.

The legal services we provide to our clients mainly concern real estate transactions in a broad sense (including preliminary legal analyses), real estate developments (including construction ventures), litigation and advice on planning and permitting matters (including the legality of constructions built without a permit or in violation of a building permit and the cancellation of building permits and planning documents), real estate project financing, rentals, concessions, expropriations, real estate claims, land registry actions etc.

We address all categories of players in the real estate market: sellers and buyers, tenants and landlords, entrepreneurs and investors, consultants, including brokers and beneficiaries, litigants and authorities, financiers.

Secu Legal was founded in January 2020 by Andreea Secu, lawyer at the Bucharest Bar since 2010, with solid experience in real estate law, gained since her first steps in some of the largest law firms in Romania, recognized for excellence in real estate practice.


Above all, it is our thorough professional training – the foundation on which we lay the other strengths that we are proud of.

Experience and niche in the field of real estate law are the strengths we put to the benefit of our clients, building with them, step by step, coherent and long-term viable strategies. We know in detail the real estate market in Romania and we have experience working with the authorities, which helps us to respond to the concrete needs of the players working in this field and to capitalize on the opportune moments identified in the market.

We assist clients promptly and directly, with refined and at the same time clear legal solutions. We prioritize customer needs and understand that efficiently delivered solutions provide the customer with a competitive advantage.

We know how important the proactive role of the lawyer is in the relationship with the clients and we come to their support to identify opportunities and solutions that will serve them in the long run. We offer truly anchored, efficient and professional legal services, focusing on solutions.

We understand customers’ need for predictability when it comes to the cost of legal services. Because we have the necessary experience, we anticipate the volume and complexity of legal services in our area of ​​expertise and we can correctly estimate in advance the value of fees.


Nota bene: Some terms on this site that refer to legal concepts might be considered inappropriate in relation to their strict legal terminology.

At the risk of being criticised by some of our more scrupulous colleagues when it comes to legal language, we do so for the sake of simplicity and accessibility of our message, but also because we want to remain anchored in the reality of the market. For example, forms of legal practice are generically referred to as law firms, real estate law does not exist as a branch of law studied at university, but exists as a branch of legal services and is more widely known by its English equivalent – real estate.